How to Make a Great First Impression

The first date is always a long-awaited and exciting moment. As practice shows, men and women alike experience and try to make a good impression while the first date. In the article, we will consider this situation from the female point of view and try to find out how to behave, how to look and how to make the first date unforgettable. (Find someone to go for a date on DoULike)


(How to Dress for a First Date)

No matter how some women try to prove that the main thing is spiritual beauty, it is worth paying great attention to the appearance, especially on the first date. To begin with, the choice of your outfit depends on the place of the meeting. Be sure, you wouldn’t make a great impression wearing jeans and a T-shirt for a theatrical premiere or an exhibition in the gallery. Firstly, you should look appropriate.

All men appreciate elegance and femininity, so a dress or a skirt will be the most suitable options for a first date. This outfit will accentuate your stature and make it more graceful. The length of the skirt should not be too long or too short. Therefore, you simultaneously show the beauty of your feet but do not show something unnecessary to awaken in a man the want to meet you again.

Men are somewhat simpler than women. This should be remembered when choosing a style. To impress him while the first date, it is better to give preference to a simple cut. A small dress, without any unexpected and too deep cutouts, not overloaded with details and trim, will be the most right option. It will emphasize your stature, give you refinement and femininity, and will not distract the man’s attention from communicating with you. As for the color scheme – everything is quite simple. Start from your type of appearance. Choose only those colors that suit you, emphasize the color of your eyes or visually make your body better.

The only rule is to know the measure. The outfit in which you are more like a parrot, the same bright and colorful, will not allow you to make a good impression on the first date.


Once the outfit is selected, it is worth considering how to behave on the first date. The most important thing is self-confidence. No man will be happy to spend the evening with a silent and ever-blushing girl. Your goal is to make an impression on the first date, which means it’s worthwhile to be a little more active.

Many men appreciate women’s sense of humor. For this, it is not necessary to learn by heart a collection of anecdotes on the eve of the meeting. It is enough only to understand and respond in time to his jokes. Also, here are some date conversation topics for when you’ve run into an awkward silence: Of course, this will help you to make an impression on the first date.

If your companion chose a cafe or a restaurant for a meeting, a money question arises. In Russia, for example, there was a clear opinion that a man should pay for everything. In Europe, on the contrary, everyone pays for himself. Therefore, it is not superfluous to the girl at the end of dinner to pay her own bill. Most likely, a man will not agree, but he will surely note your manners and upbringing. Such a step will help you to make an impression on the first date, because, as you know, the girl’s dignity is truly important. I must say that on the first date, it is not worth mentioning some topics. For example, your personal life.

You are not yet at that stage of dating to talk about former lovers or intimate life. Questions like “And what kind of girls do you like?” will not be entirely right on the first date, too. Do not talk about money also. Avoid unnecessary details about your health; a man doesn’t need to know about it on a first date.

Therefore, following these simple tips, you will be able to make an impression on the first date. It is possible that your next meeting is just around the corner, which means that the goal has been achieved. Therefore, read about 5 simple ways to keep a guy interested after a first date.

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