Dating Mishaps You Need to Avoid

One of the worst things that could possibly happen in an otherwise great date is a dating mishap! For some, these dating don’ts just come naturally. If you’re one of those, then you need to tune it down, a bit, nope a lot, in order for your date to stick it out to the end. If you have no idea what these dating don’ts are, then it’s time you know so that you won’t get embarrassed on your next date!

Perhaps one of the biggest dating mistakes you can ever make on a date is to look at every other woman that passes you by! Your attention should always be on your date. Though it is understandable that you look at the other people around, it shouldn’t take up most of your time. How is your date to carry out a good and meaningful conversation when your eyes are diverted elsewhere?

Another dating blunder you can make on a date is when you talk about your ex! By far the last thing your date needs to hear from you are the things you and your ex used to do. Are you here for your date or for your ex? Maybe you need to check your reasons first before asking anyone out. The worst date anyone can ever have is a person who’s on a rebound.

Being worked up by you and your date’s future is also a big dating no-no! You’re out on a date to get to know each other, not to plan babies or meet parents! You’d scare your date away. Unless you’ve been out so many times before and you’re actually in a relationship is it ok. But when you’re out on a first date, don’t be all up in your date’s face planning what cute names you should call each other.

Talking about your ex is one bad thing, but talking about yourself the whole time is another thing. You need to get know your date, that’s why you planned one in the first place. The greatest flattery anyone can ever get is to be asked on a date because it means that someone wants to get to know you, not the other way around.

Chivalry is a good characteristic to play when you’re on a date. Don’t be such a freeloader and keep asking your date to pay the bill. If you don’t have money in the first place, don’t go out on a date. If you have any plans of doing that, make it clear before you actually go out. The best you can do is to pay for the bill. Paying for your own bills are ok but asking your date to pay for both of you, absolutely not.

If you’re out on your next date, think of these dating mishaps before going out. There might be time to save your date still.

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