Make a Great Impression with the Right Clothes

Many people think that being in clothes you’re comfortable in is good enough for a date. But what if the comfortable clothes for you are your sweats or your pajamas? Would you wear that on a date? Of course not! Not only do you have to be comfortable, your clothes should also be appropriate for the type of date you’re going to. Here are some great tips to help you.

The greatest tip on what to wear for a date relies much on the purpose of the date and where the date is going to be. Regardless if it’s a first date or subsequent dates, what you wear has to be comfortable and appropriate. You wouldn’t risk standing out of place in a crowd, right?

Consider the weather and the activity your date has in plan for you. If it’s out on the beach or playing under the pouring rain, you have to be prepared. Don’t risk being laughed at by the people around you, or worse, your date. If it’s a casual date, it doesn’t really matter what you choose for your outfit as long as it looks put together and neat. When your date requires you to dress up more, choose one that accentuates your assets without looking sleazy. You want to look elegant and sophisticated, not cheap.

You have to wear the right shoes when you go on a date. Aside from the rule that it has to go with your outfit, you also have to make sure that you don’t get blisters out of it. Some great dates have been ruined because of blisters and sprains from wearing the wrong footwear.

Be it a casual date or lavish one, you can always choose to put on make-up and do your hair. The only rule is to not overdo it. When you’re on a casual date, just powder your face, add a little blush and gloss, comb your hair or tie it up would do the trick. When you’re out on an elegant date, the best make-up that would look good on you is one that enhances your beauty and not to cover it up.

After you’re done planning the right outfit, you need to try it on. No matter how much preparation you make, it doesn’t guarantee that the outfit will look good once it’s on you. You also get a better chance to see if there are any flaws in your outfit. If this happens, at least you have enough time to change. Remember, a little planning can go a long way. And by wearing the right outfit you can expect another date anytime soon.

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