Tips to Let You Know If Your Date is Interested in You

With so many signals your date can be sending you, it might get confusing to interpret whether they’re interested or not. If they are sending you signals, it is also essential that they’re reading them properly. Many dating disasters have come about because of the mere misinterpretation of signals. You won’t be baffled for long with these tips to help you!

The more eye contact your date makes the better. This indicates that he or she is interested in you. Eye contact also indicates that your date is enamored by you and that they want you to know that you are holding their attention.

The power of touch is immense. It can send the most beautiful of all signals, or the worst. How do you know if she’s interested with the way she touches you? The fact that she’s already touching you is a positive sign. If she touches you in unison with her laugh every time you make a joke, it means she’s interested in you. You would also know if your date likes you if she keeps on placing you in circumstances where you will be close together and touching is inevitable.

The gestures your date makes can also help you decipher a good signal from a bad one. If she is relaxed as opposed to stiff with her arms and hands clenched and crossed across her chest, it means she’s interested in you. If he or she makes rhythmic and smooth motions with her hands rather than brisk motions, your date is interested in you.

You can also tell from the posture of your date whether she likes you or not. If she’s sitting or standing tall, it means that she wants to get noticed by you. It also means that she wants the whole crowd to notice that she’s with you. However, if your date is slouched in the chair or seems to shy away from the crowd, it means you have to end the date already.

The tone of voice your date uses to talk or respond to you can already serve as a signal. If your date constantly matches your tone of voice, it means she’s interested you and that she’s listening. If she uses a harsh tone when she talks to you, it means the exact opposite.

With the help of these tips, you can now tell if you’re going to get another date or have to end the one you’re in immediately. Have fun deciphering those signals!

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